Easy sharing of life

KIDS BOOK is an online solution developed specifically for child care. It helps you create content and track child development more easily and effectively.

Share the great moments

Upload photos and documents with parents and family through the Kidsbook portal.

A blue print of a child's life

Kidsbook follows the child year to year, room to room creating a catalog of memories for parents and educators to treasure.

Customisable Learning Outcomes

Work with your choice of curriculum, outcomes, goals, values and subjects for your centre.

Interactive feedback

Allow parents to add feedback on their child's development. Encourage your community to be engaged and involved. Help new relationships continue and flourish.

App's built for Educators

KIDSBOOK have apps for both parents and Educators. Bad internet connection. No worries. Take photos on your device and upload straight away.

Full control

Upload photos and documents with parents and family through the Kidsbook portal.

Offline editing

Don't worry about a bad internet connection. With our App you can add content and it will upload your diaries when you're back online.

Essential Parents Tools

Simple to use

Kidsbook is easy and intuitive so educators can easily follow the creation of content.

Insightful insights

Reporting on child level activities in simple one-touch reporting system. Save time and brain power with pre-populated options.

Multiple outcomes

Select from multiple learning outcomes that you decide on and customise.


Automatically lists the kids that appear on what day, the teachers that work, the outcomes you wish to use and activities you want to report on. All done instantly for you.


Draft, review and publish portfolios in the way to you want. Get an oversight on how your center communicates with its parents. Bring consistency to your message.

Support when you need it

We're here to help and ready to chat to you when you need anything. Reach out and chat to us.

Everywhere you are.

With fully native apps for iOS and Android, whatever you do on one device it's there. Never a moment that you will not be connected