Essential Parents Tools

Photos &Videos

A picture says a thousand words. A video is a little more than a million. You get the idea.

Activity Reports

Recieve detailed information about what your child has done during the day. Eating, sleeping and toilet activity. You'll be prepared for the muchkin on your return.

Diaries & Portfolios

Diaries are portfolios are the keep safes of your child development as they interact with other kids, develop new skills and learn about the world.

Mobile Apps

Iphone and Android apps are available to download so you can access your child's development on the go.


Get emails and app notifications whenever there has been an update from the center. You wont miss a thing!

Get involved

Leave comments and feedback for the educators. Create a community of caring and sharing.

Invite your family

In today's world we all have family dispersed in various parts of the world. You can invite your family to keep in touch with what your kids are doing. Receive notices and give feedback, just like they were never away.

Monitor your kids activities

With Kidsbook, you will receive detailed information about what your child's eating, sleeping and toileting activities, online with every diary. As every parent knows, it's important to know what happened during the day so you can plan for the afternoon.

Never miss a moment

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